Very friendly, professional and understanding. Took care of me quickly on a weekend when everyone else was either closed or didn't want to bother, so I could be ready to work Monday morning. Pricing was not cheap, but was not ridiculous either, I would say reasonable considering weekend service and very short notice. I called as soon as they opened on a Saturday and they had me back in service in only a couple of hours after I had arrived and didn't compromise on the quality of the work at all.
... on a side note there was another review on here that said they could not find the place. They are a bit hidden in the industrial park. However, a quick call to their office will help you easily locate them (just a few doors behind the office of the industrial park).Thank you so much for a great experience and your attention to the details. I was truly impressed with what we got for our money!
Carl Olsen

I had a bearing failure on East bound I-80 15 miles west of Cheyenne. Quick Google search turned up K's. I cut the trailer off and headed into town. The minute I walked in the gal behind the counter cleared me a spot to lay my burned up hub. Within a few minutes she had me a new hub and bearings. I asked if they'd mind packing the bearings for me real quick to which the fella took it in the back, packed the bearings, installed the seal, and wrapped it up. When I got back to the trailer I was back rolling in 30 minutes. Quick, more than fair on price, knowledgeable, and most of all accommodating. Thanks folks!
Clint Davis
Thank you Keith and Jennifer for coming to our rescue. K's Trailer Parts and Service provided excellent service with knowledgeable, efficient repairs when we had a wheel bearing go out. They got us back on the road quickly and were very reasonable. Not many places are willing to do that on a Friday afternoon.
Mike Yargo
— Mike Yargo
Fantastic Service!!! We were traveling and lost our trailer lights. One phone call, Keith worked us in that day and did a fantastic job for an extremely low price. Instead of taking advantage of people on vacation, he treated us like family. Thanks again Keith! Sure wish you were in our hometown!
— Rob Carlson
Wife was traveling thru Cheyenne to see some friends pulling a 4x6 pace trailer. Somewhere between Casper and Cheyenne the trailer disconnected from the car. I called these guys from Georgia and told them exact what was going on and they told me to have the wife bring the trailer to them and they would get it worked into the schedule. And they did... To make things even better they only fixed the problems that were needed to be fixed and did not try to sell more to my wife. She also said these guys were extremely nice and polite. It is good to know there are still some places out there that will not take advantage of a female when they go to have something fixed.. Thank You guys for being good to people as they come into your business. If I ever get the chance again I will look forward to doing business with again. Ben Schrieber, Valdosta, GA
— Ben S. 08/21/2014
Travelling through Cheyenne with class A RV. Had a house water leak, needed valve stem extensions and had lost chassis A/C. Took Care of last two issues and found small leak in Gray water tank. Could not repair but reffered us on to a shop in CO. Great service, reliable and very reasonable for the pain in the a-- jobs we had. Highly recommend for any general rv issues.
— Scott B. 04/22/2015
Great prices and service
— Frank S.
Hands down one of the best places for customer service Keith knew exactly what I needed and had it in stock. The guys in the shop know their shit had a couple questions on my RV and Scott answered them all. I will be bringing my truck and trailer back if I have any issues and I will recommend them to anybody who has problems with towing, hitches, suspension, brakes or any other problems
— Kevin L.